100% of Humanity Begins
with a conversation and a GAME plan

Content studio called IsThereEnough

A Content Studio
Impact Launchpad is a venture Studio

A Project Venture Studio

And a new bank for Humanity

The Pre Seed

  • The Treaty Pre Launch
  • Influencer Celebrity Agreements
  • Social Audio Broadcast Launch
  • Seed Ready Social Media Campaign
  • White Paper, Manifesto for Seed Sales
  • The First Agreement Book Prelaunch
  • Coalitions and Alliances Announced
  • Open Source Constitution Tech

Upon Pre-seed Fulfillment
Both Platforms will be self sustainable

THE 10M seed Round


  • Treaty Pre Launch Ambassadors
  • Writer's Room
  • Expansion of Agreement Academy
  • Public Relations Team in Place
  • Sponsorship Alliances
  • Book Release‍.
  • Merch Store Debut
IsthereEnough Audience Outreach


  • Treaty Pre Launch Ambassadors
  • Writer's Room
  • Expansion of Agreement Academy
  • Public Relations Team in Place
  • Sponsorship Alliances
  • Book Release‍.
  • Merch Store Debut


The 100% token, a defi token based on agreement, will reward activity that builds collaboration through POAP (proof of attendance protocol) and POA (Proof of Agreement) a new protocol we are authoring.

100% token, making the world work for 100% of humanity, the world game business model, Bunckinsterfuller world game
Impact launchpad Projects


A pilot approach to Universal Income will be issued during this period, Additionally, HumaniT, the social audio platform for social impact, will make its first appearance. In addition, the treaty tech will be upgraded from its initial preseed version to reveal its ties to Global Identity.


Discretionary investments and grants will be made in alliance with non-profit, NGO, and entrepreneurial efforts that show the ability to lead to treaty exposure.

Grants of isthereenough
IsthereEnough news

Treaty Launch

We have six audience strategies, each designed to pay off in 50,000 treaty registrations ensuring we beat expectations our PR team will have set in the media for treaty success. If we meet or surpass these expectations, there will be plenty of earned media, just in time for our Token Offering announcement on major exchanges.

Public Offering

Offering Announcement

On the success of the treaty breaking through in mainstream media, the public offering of the 100% token will be announced.

ImpactLaunchpad, 100% token,  Making the world work for 100% of humanity
GIDIC and Global Coalitions

1st $500M in Collateral Revealed

The Global Impact Bank will release with $100 Million X 10 units (or $1 Billion) of collateralization. This collateral will come from Family Offices, networks and nation states pledging to stake the bank for its initial offering. The 100% token will also stake up to 25% of its public offering raise to this, or $100M, whichever is lowest.

First Million Treaty Signers

Based on the success of the launch, and the post launch strategy, we will reach 1 Million signers within 12 months of release, before launching the GIDIC.

1St Million Signers

Global Impact Deposit Insurance Corporation (GIDIC) Announced

With the proven audience, coalitions, and collateral agreements of $500M we become ready to form the GIDIC. We will be securing the remaining $500M for the pilot (issuing 10 X $100M funds, or $1 Billion of funding) to be realized at the start of the bank's issuance.

Launch of the $1B Pilot

The first 10 deployments of $100M are issued by the GIDIC for private sale during proof of concept before launching publicly. This group of 10 spots will be shared with up to four other social impact investment firms outside Impact Launchpad to ensure a broader industry-wide pilot.

First Pilot of the Fund
Survival Bond

Launch of the Survival Bond

After the launch of the pilot, and with an audience campaign targeting not just investors, but savers to "safely park their money for good", the bank will be able to issue the first (non war) Survival Bonds. These can be issued in small and large denominations fully backed by collateral.

100M Signers of the Treaty

The signing of the treaty establishes a credo in the world, from a conversation that smashes scarcity thinking to bits and which creates a world in which conflict is much less attractive. The treaty has a sustainable , revenue generating business model that will create its own funding that will support an #IsThereEnough foundation to invest in other non profits that support the human survival and justice goals we want to see funded.

100 Million signer and NFT
1000 Funds

1000 Funds 100 Cities
$100 Billion Raised

Upon the success of the pilot, Impact Launchpad will expand the use of the bank to issue new $100M funds. These will be used to establish new centers of impact investment in 100 cities.


Impact Launchpad A World Game Strategy