Produced by Purpose and Coalition

These projects are publicly supported by the success of our token. 

Universal income

We are in ideation development, and have completed over 100 hours of market research for a new approach to universal income that does not arise from government or taxes. It is sound economically, but our research shows it will take some unique education approaches to make it acceptable for a society in which people no longer have to work for a living. It has proven to be a surprisingly emotional conversation.

SDG 16

HumaniT is a multi-community collection of conversational shout tanks designed to bring leaders together to make change. It is a social network designed not to just have conversation, but to actually collaborate and get things done. Think of it as you would clubhouse, but with gamified ideation and project development tools built in. It will be a perfect breeding ground for project funding.

SDG 17
SDG 16

There is a solution to our water crisis. It is water from the sky, known as Atmospheric Water Generation or AWG. It is clean, available, and renewable. We intend to create a tokenized water offset market to spur replenishment of dry areas and depleted water basins using this new fresh source of water.

SDG 13