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An Economic Model For Human Survival

Our initiatives, and the experiences we have produced around them, bring about a compelling response to Buckminster Fuller's World Game challenge. It is why this project is called 100 % because it is about making the world work for 100% of humanity. The World Game is played on a court of choice, and as some human evolution. We bring a fresh convening point of view to that game, as both a personal and community activity, in a game of conversation called #IsThereEnough in which the world game is examined in a fresh way. We also support it through the sponsorship of Impact Launchpad, a social impact incubator.

This project is out to prove, mathematically and scientifically, that it is possible to make the world work for 100% of humanity. In fact, we have already invented everything needed for all of humanity to thrive, enjoying the highest standards of living any of us have ever known, and in a way that makes both individual and societal value by choice and participation. The only question we have left is what it will take for us to actually #Implement the existing innovation already ready. This project puts it in action.
#IsThereEnough #Implementation
The Bank of Humanity

It's An Investment

The most easily identified component is a sufficient #InvestmentInHumanity, a  mandate that is trillions short, and measurably insufficient for the time frame we need it in. Our ownerless investment banking model is a conclusion of this project roadmap. It is designed to produce and release independent impact capital funds, safely and sustainably, in carefully derisked units in which failure can be insured. That banking model's result sits on the success of this project.

To Inspire Collaboration

Capital is only one problem to solve. The bigger barrier to wealth, sustainability and prosperity is that we do not have enough #collaboration and#agreement, certainly not for the existential challenges of our time frame. This is why the #IsThereEnough campaign exists. It conversation over 10,000 hours in 30 countries, has shown itself to produce trust and agreement, conversation, and collaboration, in the most organic, personal, and scalable way. It reduces the need for conflict, and makes it safer to take risk. It produces a distinctly human energy source of change. Its conversation also confronts war and agreement resulting in a new expression of humanity, the Fuller Treaty. The treaty's technology stack creates a new purpose for NFT's, and a new kind of wallet experience that will be made available in open source. The technology for it we call commitment tech because there is not enough of that in the world.
The Agreement economy of #IsThereEnough and Daniel T. Matalon

The Pieces and The Players

In an age of over information, confusion, and conflict, this  "in real life" experience (something we now see called IRL) becomes a builder of trust that bridges social and digital divides. Each conversation started in real time ends in a digital treaty expression offer that is first meaningful before it is financial.

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Isthereenough conversation
the Conversation


#IsThereEnough is a fresh conversation that brings out listening, respect and results, in unexpected ways. It is an examination of the role each of us has in producing change and the meaningful benefits we get from participation. It is about an examination of agreement and war and how they are intertwined. It is about our history and our choices, particularly the ones in which we show that individuals are more powerful than any nation states they are part of.

the Commitment

The Last Treaty of Humanity

This project is the genesis of a new digital treaty, The Fuller Treaty of Humanity, the first treaty in history designed to be signed by individuals not nations. It is committing each of us global citizens to a simple but evolutionary proposition to find and exercise agreement, wherever we can make that possible. It as simple and widespread a commitment of peace seeking in humanity we might ever be able to produce that no nation can withstand. We are issuing only 100 Million individually numbered NFT preserved and stamped affirmations for the historical record.

Yes, 100 Million is #Enough.

A Feasible Business Model For World peace
The Fuller Treaty of Humanity NFT
Human Rights Wallet for the Fuller Treaty of Humanity
A new way to play

Game of Human Rights

The Fuller Treaty is stored in a new, user friendly kind of wallet with meaning. It is a Wallet of Human Rights. It stores money, and collectible digital works of art, as other wallets do, but this one also stores rights and commitments as well. The technology for minting and storing The Fuller Treaty will be made available as "commitment tech" so that a wider variety of social impact organizations and movements can use the same model.
The Mirror, ask the question for yourself, the IsThereEnough Survey
The revelation

The Pivot Question

Explore the #IsThereEnough conversation in your own personal way.

the Learn

The Agreement Academy

The Agreement Academy promises individuals, even those unfamiliar with our work, the shortest learning curve ever offered for making noticeable improvement in an individual's ability to make agreement in the world. This has enormous implications. It is a simple ten hour agreement to assist our social research asking the #IsThereEnough question to ten people. We give guidance and assistance, and a certificate of completion. It is also, at present, free of charge, but donations are accepted.

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Agreement Academy, #IsThereEnough
the handbook

The First Agreement

The First Agreement is a handbook for the global citizen. It suggests that we are not as threatened by tribalism, inequality, or climate change as we are by our inability to sufficiently collaborate to meet those challenges. The book is historic for the blockchain, even before its release because it is the first token launch in which a book release plays such a central role in the token's path to adoption.

The evolution from war focused to agreement
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First Agreement Book

The 100% project will commit collateralized funds to the development of a capital insured model designed to empower social impact producers and innovators to spend more time producing projects and less time chasing money. These funding blocks will be issued in $100 Million units and be open for application 2 years after we list publicly. Impact Launchpad intends to produce 1000 instances of these $100 Million units in 100 cities over 10 years as indicated on the Impact Launchpad site. The open source investment banking model will be ready made for 1000's of competing firms and producers to replicate. We are building a bank for all of humanity, not for ourselves alone.

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Bank of Humanity, GIDIC, Impact Launch Pad
the demonstration

Making it safe
to invest in humanity

Impact Launchpad is the incubation team behind the 100% Project and the conversation of #IsThereEnough. As a social impact venture studio its mission is to establish a new open source investment bank built on a consumer product of a  Survival Bond, to be sold to the public in the same manner that war bonds were in the 20th century.

the Interview

Our Unique Role In Blockchain

Interview with the founder Daniel T. Matalon

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