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A Model For Human Survival

Our initiatives, and the experiences we have designed around them, produce a coherent response to Buckminster Fuller's World Game challenge. It is why our token is called 100 % . It is about making the world work for 100% of us.
The World Game is played on a court of survival and evolution. We bring a fresh convening point of conversation to it, #IsThereEnough. It is a universal building-block question that each can answer best for themselves, for you and your situation, and, ironically, when it is asked of others, it becomes a window for agreement and collaboration.

If you were to ask us that question, we would say that there is more than enough innovation, ready for deployment, for everyone of us to survive, and enjoy the highest standards of living ever known. The only question left is what it will take for us to actually deploy those innovations. We act on the idea that humanity has an implementation problem, not a technology or innovation problem.
GIDIC and Bond for Impact Launchpad and IsThereenough
The most easily identified missing component for implementation is a sufficient  #InvestmentInHumanity, a global mandate that is trillions short, and measurably insufficient for the time frame we need it in. That is why Impact Launchpad's global impact banking model was created, to produce and release new impact capital, safely and sustainably, in carefully managed units of $100 Million at a time, in an ownerless model, that anyone can replicate, rapidly. That banking model's successful result sits on the success of this pre sale token you are here to discover.

An Investment In Humanity

But creating human oriented capital is only one implementation problem solved. The much bigger barrier to wealth, sustainability and prosperity is that we do not have enough #collaboration and #agreement, certainly not for our time frame. This is why the #IsThereEnough campaign exists. It is creating a new basis for agreement and peace in the world, person by person, in the most organic, personal, and genuinely scalable way in a new treaty of humanity, the Fuller Treaty of Humanity. Its participation also creates a new kind of NFT, and even a new wallet experience as well.

Through Massive Collaboration

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The Agreement economy of #IsThereEnough and Daniel T. Matalon
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Making it safe
to invest in humanity

Impact Launchpad is an incubation network for social impact with the mission of establishing a new open source finance model built on a flagship product of a Global Survival Bond, to be conveyed to the public in the same psychology that a war bond was in the 20th century. The intent of the capital insured model is to empower social impact producers and innovators to spend more time producing projects and less time chasing money. These funding blocks will issue in $100 Million units. We intend to produce 1000 of them. But the model is ready made for replication and is intended to be copied by other impact investors and producers freely.

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the Conversation


#IsThereEnough is a fresh conversation, now underway in 22 countries, that brings people together in unexpected ways. It is about agreement and war. It is about our history and our choices, and the choices of a future in which we suppose that human beings, as individuals, are more powerful and more valuable than nation states they may choose to be part of.

We are also the producers of a new digital treaty, The Fuller Treaty of Humanity, committing ourselves as individuals to a simple proposition to find and exercise agreement, wherever we can. The program is issuing 100 Million individually numbered and stamped NFT preserved affirmations for history. It is the first treaty in history designed to be signed by individuals, not nations.

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the handbook

The First Agreement

The First Agreement is a handbook for the global citizen. It suggests that we are not as threatened by tribalism, inequality, or climate change as we are by our inability to sufficiently collaborate to meet those challenges. The book is historic for the blockchain, even before its release (later in 2022) because it is the first token launch in which a book release plays such a central role in the token's path to adoption.

Evolution Dudes
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First Agreement Book
the Treaty

The First and Last Treaty of Humanity

The Fuller Treaty Of Humanity
An Economic Justice Agreement Of 100 Million Global Citizens

I proudly choose to add my name, my history, my legacy, and my promise, to do everything within my power to build collaboration, to replace conflict with agreement, to promote wealth over poverty, people over resources, and to embrace the increased economic power,  justice, and freedom of inclusion. In so doing, I intend to both contribute to, and benefit from, helping to make the world work for 100% of humanity.

A Business Model For World peace
The Fuller Treaty of Humanity
the Survey

The Pivot Question

Explore the #IsThereEnough conversation in a more in-depth way.

#IsThereEnough Survey, Humanity's Pivot Question
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The Agreement Academy

The Agreement Academy is new for 2022.  It promises individuals, even those unfamiliar with our work, the shortest learning curve ever offered for making noticeable improvement in an individual's ability to make agreement in the world. This has enormous implications. It is a simple ten hour agreement to assist our social research asking the #IsThereEnough question to ten people. We give guidance and assistance, and a certificate of completion. It is also, at present, free of charge, but donations are accepted.

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Agreement Academy, #IsThereEnough
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Our Unique Role In Blockchain

Interview with the founder Daniel T. Matalon

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