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At the heart of our pre-launch lies a profound mission to transform the world into a place where human survival and prosperity are paramount. As a participant in this visionary movement, you become part of a collective effort inspired by the challenge put forth by Buckminster Fuller's World Game.

Embodying our commitment to progress, our token, aptly named 100%, symbolizes the aspiration to make the world work for every single individual, with no one left behind. Our discussions revolve around the fundamental question of #IsThereEnough, a universal building-block inquiry that holds the potential to bridge divides and inspire collaboration. Through these conversations, we create an inclusive and dynamic space where diverse perspectives converge, cultivating innovative solutions to some of humanity's most pressing challenges.

While we firmly believe that we possess an abundance of groundbreaking innovations, the key obstacle lies in implementation rather than the availability of technology. Our dedicated initiatives, and IsThereenough campaigns, are designed to overcome these barriers. Through #InvestmentInHumanity, we are working to secure the global mandate required for our collective growth and development.

This essential investment is trillions short of what we need within the timeframe we face, and addressing this deficit is crucial for our future.Participating in our pre-launch is an invitation to be an architect of change and progress. By collaborating with us, you contribute to a new treaty of humanity, the Fuller Treaty of Humanity, which lays the foundation for a harmonious and prosperous world. This isn't just about grand declarations; it's about practical action.

Our Impact Launchpad introduces a groundbreaking global impact banking model that generates and deploys new impact capital, safely and sustainably, in units of $100 Million, allowing for rapid replication and ownership across various spheres.  

#IsThereEnough campaign is more than a social movement; it's a transformative force driving the formation of a new basis for agreement and peace in our world. We recognize that genuine collaboration and consensus are fundamental to creating lasting wealth, sustainability, and prosperity for all. As a participant, you help redefine the narrative and forge a path towards collective success, leveraging the immense power of collaboration for our shared benefit.

Together, we hold the potential to address the implementation problem that holds back the realization of our collective vision. By joining our pre-launch, you align yourself with a community that is passionate about catalyzing change and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Through your active participation, you become an agent of transformation, shaping a world where massive collaboration leads us towards a sustainable and thriving future for each and every individual on this planet. Don't miss this golden opportunity to invest in humanity's brighter tomorrow and be part of a profound movement that promises to make a lasting impact on our global journey to survival and evolution.

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