Which is a bigger threat ?

Climate Change
Rising Hate and Tribal Conflict
Rising Hate and Conflict
Climate Change
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Can We Make The World Work
for 100% of Humanity?

A New Human Constitution
Is Showing Us We Can

A 21st Century Global Agreement

A cultural commitment of global citizens that transcends nations, uplifts individuals, and upholds the value of agreement over conflict and war. With enough numbers, it will become the last treaty any of us may ever need to sign. You are already a part of making it happen just by paying attention.

The Fuller Treaty of Humanity

A Piece of History Each of Us Makes

The Fuller Treaty of Humanity

An Economic Justice Agreement of 100 Million Global Citizens
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I proudly choose to add my name, my history, my legacy, and my promise, to do everything within my power to build collaboration, to replace conflict with agreement, to promote wealth over poverty, people over resources, and to embrace the increased economic power,  justice, and freedom of inclusion. In so doing, I intend to both contribute to, and benefit from, helping to make the world work for 100% of humanity.

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I understand, and acknowledge, that this treaty is a people-powered agreement, not backed by governments, NGO’s, or diplomats, but by sovereign individuals like myself, who choose to act together, to realize what we as the human race are responsible for, ourselves and each other. Signing this, as a global treaty, is a pledge, a commitment, and a stand that I take, for those alive today, and for future generations tomorrow, so that we may lead an evolution of the human condition, that embraces agreement over war.

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The World Game Treaty

A self sovereign document
built on Buckminster Fuller's World Game strategy

How Can You Make A Difference ?
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You can help us build a sustainable
business model for world peace

IsThereEnough Fuller Treaty of Humanity NFT

Non Fungible Treaty

Signing the treaty creates value, for yourself, and others. It affirms a culture of agreement over conflict. It expresses and promotes a set of conditions for small increments of peace, and at the very least, a little more reason for lowering hate and conflict. So you will be rewarded and recognized for stepping up to that commitment. This is done by a digital, one-of-a-kind document,  issued in your name, and in a particular order of reward. We value the most for the earliest signers and even more for those who make it into our prelaunch. We refer to our rewards program's points as courage points because it is not easy to stick your neck out when few of your friends or colleagues have even heard about this. If you ask us, there is definitely #NotEnough #Courage in the world. Joining our prelaunch is some leadership we want to reward.

Human Rights Wallet

Your digital document has value and needs to be safely stored, in a wallet. The treaty is issued by an NFT, a non fungible token, meaning it is time and date stamped commemorating your commitment. That token is a deed to your commitment. It is your proof of the value you have received. It is like a receipt. When we go live, we will issue you a  Human Rights Wallet, completely private to you, that stores this commitment . This wallet can store additional citizen led commitments (climate change, democracy, equity) and self-claimed human rights. Now they can all go in one place. It is a part of your identity.

This same wallet can also, of course, store digital money and crypto currencies That is only for your convenience and not necessary to participate in the treaty. But the wallet allows you to earn income through treaty signing bonuses.

Human Rights Wallet for the Fuller Treaty of Humanity
100% of Humanity Airdrop

Signing Bonuses

Each signer will be eligible for signing bonuses from airdrops (tokens being given away to our treaty signers to encourage their token usage) and from traditional sponsorship for those brands that want to reward participation in the conversation of #IsThereEnough in a business model of world peace.

Our forthcoming 100% token will be airdropped in all cases, and token holders will earn income from the revenues generated by the treaty. This gives every individual a stake in the World Game outcome we are promoting. The audience is the owner of the network and its revenue generation by holding the 100% token.

Income Rewards

Each treaty holder will be uniquely eligible for shares of ongoing revenue, in community rewards, through additional airdrop distributions that increase in value with each new signer resulting from our campaign activity. Everyone has a stake in the outcome, and its progress along the way.

Passive Income through 100% token

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