Seed Round for the isthereenough and impact launchpad Road map

Audience Outreach

Build upon what we already have in place and to gain a larger audience.

Treaty Pre Launch Expanded
Writers Room Studio Content Issued
Expansion of Agreement Academy
Public Relations Icon
Public Relations Team
Collaborations and Alliances
Sponsorship Alliances
First Agreement book
First Agreement Book Release
Merch Store Debut

Treaty Pre launch Ambassadors

6 separate funded tracks to reach 50,000 signatures on the first day of official launch. If all goes as planned, we would make news with 300,000 on the first day.

Writer's Room Studio Content Issued

30K monthly to be invested in a team and its resources to flood the media with original content related to the campaign

Expansion of Agreement Academy

1000's of volunteers to reach 10 potential signers each                


Public Relations Team In place

Already Identified and waiting funding                                             

Public Relations Icon

Book Release


‍‍To be tied into the treaty upsells and to use as feeders to the treaty.

First Agreement book

Merch store Debut

To be tied into the treaty upsells.