100% Token DeFi Launch

A Bankless Bank

DeFi, (Decentralized Finance) is the high watermark of Web 3.0. It allows a community to provide exchange-like liquidity, staking and tokenized farming that removes the need for traditional banking layers, and use the savings to fund projects and initiatives. Pancake, Sushi, Curve, and AAVE are a few of the bigger names that dominate the space but few are so clearly devoted to social impact.

ImpactSwap Logo

An Impact Funding Platform

The DeFi platform being launched through this token raise's 2nd phase, our seed round, will provide DeFi capabilities that are seen in other platforms but its brand will be known for launching impact finance products and project initiatives. We are inventing a new (traditional) banking system for social impact through the 3rd stage of our launch strategy. Our DeFi platform will be our bed of testing and development during stage 2 and holders of our token will be able to have first access to it along with additional early stage adopter privileges.

More Than A Token

Our ImpactSwap platform, with the  100% token as its underlying instrument, (think of Cake vs Pancake Swap) will fuel projects that realize The World Game, and make the world work for 100% of humanity. The more activity on the platform, the more funding will be fueled to supporting the projects already listed here with many more to come. We will be providing special incentives on it to early token holders.

A Foundation of Safety

Our entire investment thesis is that the world has plenty of wealth to monetize. What it lacks is a form of capital safety. We are proposing a global impact bond, a peace bond, to replace our war bonds of the past. ImpactSwap.com will be the place to provide the liquidity and therefore the safety, for that bond to move forward.